About us



Hi! I am Florian from Hannover, Germany and own a couple of V50N and Primavera (currently i have four and a half, but the number is constantly changing)
Beside Vespa i love to cook, renovate old things, travelling, camping and good food and wine. If i am not riding one of my Vespas with the Vespa Club of Hannover, i work as an engineer and designer.

Guntram Engelhardt

Hi … my name is Guntram and i am also located in Hannover, Germany. Since i was on vacation in italy in the 70s as a little boy, i was fascinated by Vespa scooters. But it took a long period of time, before i could own one by myself. Today i take care of four Vespas – a 50 special (73) – my first one, an orange PX (81), a black PX from 93 (my daily scooter) and since last year a T4 (59 – and best for cruising). I am press-responsible in our local club www.vespaclub-hannover.de and i am the co-founder of Sea ’N’ Sand – The T-Bag-company for scooterist. Next to my Vespas there is my family, soccer (watch & play), design, zen and much more else…



Hello I am Stefan & come from Duisburg. The love and the passion for old metal scooters started from the theft of my Kreidler Flory in 1982 - from this point there were only two-wheel-technically only switched sheet metal (well, up to two "Sabbatjahre" as motorcyclists). In the last months i have reduced my fleet a little bit, so there is be time for the really essentials (including Rally 200 or 150 GS)

I like to make cool stickers and other useful things for the sheet metal scooter community (i am the owner of "Vintage Stickers"), I like to be with the family & with the dog
on the road and - of course - searching on flea markets for hidden treasures, because I can almost always use anything, true to the motto: hunters & collectors!