Cool keepsakes of the Vespa World Days 2017

Hey Mates, you were soooo fantastic ...

You have formally overrun our sales stall in Celle. A better praise for our design can not be given! Marvelous! So therefore a 2-stroke „THX" from our hearts!

Now some of the beautiful things that were on our co-operation standwith "We are many, we are one," "Sea 'N' Sand" and "Vintage Stickers" are left.

The remaining posters, banners, patches, buttons and refrigerator magnets will soon be available on ebay!

**** IMPORTANT ****
We will still ship the open orders, but we will not accept any new orders!

By the way:
And it looks like that we will also be able to develop a variety of cool souvenirs for you in Belfast too - the first discussions are already going on. We hope you have a go at it! We already!

Stylish T-shirts

There are two motives, three colors and for two sexes. EIGHT different T-Shirts in total. So there is nothing left to be desired.

Sticky stickers

Two motives and one size. For outdoor and Vespas! Always a beautification.

Limited Edition

Both motifs on selected paper. In a limited edition! Hand stamped and signed!

Windshield banner

You will be envied by the vespa drivers who meet you. For the motifs and that you took part of that marvelous event.

Premium patches

The matching patch for your cloaks, jackets, work suits, ski suits or for office suits! With two cool types on old scooters or with the sparking spark plug.

Bendable magnets

For the fridge or the leg shield!
Or the iron door or the side panels!
Easy on it and without problems again!
Slightly to the curved metal!



The small special button for your jacket or your T-shirts. With safety pins it is the classic. Made of high quality metals.